Amplifying Voices on International Women’s Day

Committed and passionate, Vanessa Wan has proudly grown with CauseForce since she started with the company over 10 years ago. Honoring International Women’s Day 2018, we share her journey as our Quebec Sales and Fundraising Manager.

1. How many CauseForce events have you worked? I’ve supported Canadian, US and Australian markets over the last decade and have worked over 30 CauseForce events across the globe.

2. What’s your favorite event memory or milestone? While hard to pinpoint one exact moment, come event time, I always find time to stop, look around and recognize this is the culmination of an entire year’s efforts. It’s easy to get lost in the magnitude of an event as it finally comes to fruition. The moments I cherish most can not be described, but rather experienced. I always encourage my team to reflect and acknowledge all of their efforts, as well as those made by our participants. The impact of our leading peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising events is what propels me and remains my motivation.

3. What strategies have you found to be most effective to promote event participation? What makes CauseForce a recognized leader in the P2P fundraising industry is our ability to build relationships with various stakeholders. We pride ourselves on the process of building rapport with our participants. From this, we see increased rates of participation, retention and revenue, ultimately improving our return to charity. Individual efforts are significant and we help amplify the collective willingness to improve standards of care through our signature events.

4. Women represent a large majority of CauseForce’s senior executive team. Can you describe how these women have built influence in our workplace and the positive impact we’ve seen, globally? Working alongside remarkable women leaders, CauseForce employees have the opportunity to collaborate in an inclusive space which provides equal opportunity to our innovative staff. Encouraged by a senior leadership team composed of multiple women with various backgrounds, I have benefitted from their diverse expertise and perspectives, and this has allowed me to better support national fundraising teams.

5. Being a leader in our Quebec office, what forms the foundation of your management style? Over the years, I have collaborated with internal and external partners and I have developed my own management tactics that I tailor to all styles of work and learning. Above all, my approach is transparent and consistent, allowing my team to flourish and surpass targets.

Vanessa worked the inaugural Quebec Ride to Conquer Cancer® in 2009 and will cheer on our 10 Year Riders this July. An invaluable asset to CauseForce, we are honored to have Vanessa continue to lead and support our growing platforms, worldwide.

Thank you Vanessa for your commitment and camaraderie!

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